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Caught (1949)

Caught: It was her childhood dream come true. She had married a man worth millions. But her innocent dream became a tormented nightmare once she realized the truth about her husband. He was more than a millionaire, he was absolutely power mad and insane! Since he will not give her a divorce, she leaves a life of luxury and goes to work as a receptionist in an impoverished doctors office in NYCs lower east side. After a temporary reconciliation (one night) with the rich husband, She conceives a child. By the time she finds out she is pregnant, she and one of the doctors (James Mason) have fallen in love but but she goes back to the mad husband so the child will have a wealthy background. Her sadistic husband is hell-bent on keeping her prisoner and keeping the child. The mad husband has a heart attack and she chooses not to help him, then suffers a miscarriage because of the shocking events. This movie is one of the few code movies in which the death of an unborn fetus (the miscarriage) is seen as a way out for the heroine.