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Cruel and unusual (2002)

Cruel and unusual: Orphan Mike OConner was abused from age three by his own dad, fled to Chicago to start a rock band but got dragged in bad mates crime and convicted under probation. Mikes sister, Kate, managed to get him released and employed as assistant lighthouse guard under Adam Terrell, an author on sabbatical. However, Adam is murdered by serial killer Art Stoner, who takes Adams place and identity. Art himself is the traumatized son of a prostitute, abandoned by the father, who had to watch his mother working and got beaten, as if responsible, whenever her clients hit her. Adam seems to work out as Mikes substitute father, smacking him at worst, but their past starts catching up and Art being seen in action as Kates lover poisons the triangle dramatically.

Duration: 100 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2002

Rating: 8