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Reiki (1969)

Reiki: Early in the 15th century, the Inquisition, under Tomás de Torquemada created The Order. The Order was a section created to eliminate all the reincarnations of witches for the centuries to come. Their members were trained assassins and monks, known for their cruelty. In their possession lay the sword Reiki, slayer of witches: a sword that can cut the astral-line of witches, disabling their chance for reincarnation. But the sword is lost in the 17th century and The Order are unable to stop the Witches from being re-born. Now for centuries The Order and the Witches have been reincarnating over and over again, fighting their war, until the day Reiki is discovered again...

Genre: Action Fantasy

Actor: Natasha Henry

Director: Pedro Chaves

Country: Belgium

Duration: 87 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1969

Rating: 6