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Windjammer (1937)

Windjammer: The fourth and last of the George A. Hirliman-produced films starring George OBrien (preceded by Daniel Boone, Park Avenue Logger and Hollywood Cowboy) that were distributed by RKO Radio. Hirliman sold OBriens contract to RKO, which then produced 18 series westerns starring OBrien that ended when OBrien went into the Navy at the outbreak of WW II. Long-time (past and future) OBrien director David Howard served as Hirlimans Associate Producer on this film. Windjammer finds OBrien as a subpoena server ordered to serve a subpoena on Brandon Evans (The Commondore) for a senate inquiry or lose his job. Posing as a playboy, he boards the Commodores yacht during a yacht race, and the yacht is wrecked by a gun-running windjammer commanded by Captain Morgan (William Hall.) All hands are picked up by the windjammer, including the Commodores daughter (played by Constance Worth, at her blonde, plumpish best) and put to work as galley slaves and such, but it isnt long before OBrien starts knocking heads, and making the gun-runners wish they had left him swimming.