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Rifftrax: Cops Who Needs Them (2010)

Rifftrax: Cops Who Needs Them: One short that fortunately bucked the trend is the hilariously titled Cops: Who Needs Them? It tells the story of a nihilistic band of youths who despite their apparent middle class upbringing and lack of any real responsibility or hardship in their lives have developed a healthy distrust of cops. The characters whose viewpoint about cops is evidently modeled entirely around the West Side Story number Officer Krupke also happen to be just about the ugliest bunch of kids youve ever seen. Seriously we think that Moosebaby makes a cameo appearance as Frank. Experience Cops: Who Needs Them? yourself along with Mike Kevin and Bill who all think they smell bacon. Yep definitely bacon. (It has nothing to do with the short about cops someone just happens to be making bacon. As usual.).

Genre: Comedy Drama





Quality: HD

Release: 2010

Rating: 6