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Rifftrax: Planet of Dinosaurs (2009)

Rifftrax: Planet of Dinosaurs: When a spaceship full of hairy people crashes on an unknown planet its not enough that the surviving members look a lot like the Starland Vocal Band (it is a help of course but not sufficient for their survival). They must forge off on a non-stop mission of wandering around doing nothing in particular not saying anything particularly noteworthy and not looking particularly attractive or interesting. However they do provide a tasty and nutritious snack for some pretty sweet looking stop-motion dinosaurs! Their routine deaths become a challenge to their intrepid captain who prefers to rule by whining equivocation and frequent rest periods. This leaves him vulnerable to a coup by the crews most hirsute member Jim who presses the enormous advantage provided him by what looks like a beard made out of 2-dollar-a-yard fun fur. Kevin Bill and Mike sharpen some sticks put on their least smelly animal furs and prepare to poke at the Planet of Dinosaurs.

Genre: Comedy Sci-Fi





Quality: HD

Release: 2009

Rating: 6