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Steve Irwins Ghosts Of War (2008)

Steve Irwins Ghosts Of War: Steve Irwinís grandfather and great-grandfather were both killed in World War IIís Pacific Theatre. Steveís father-in-law, Clarence Raines, served in the Pacific on the USS Boise through numerous naval battles. The tragedy and triumph of this shared history has linked Steveís family heritage to the historic events that shaped the world over 60 years ago.In this epic two-part mini-series, Steve revisits some of the notorious and legendary battle grounds of the Pacific conflict between the Allied forces and Japan. From shipsí graveyards to impenetrable tropical jungle to coral atoll beaches, Steve relives the bloodiest battles of the war, uncovering the rusting hulks of naval vessels, fighter planes, tanks and artillery. In one of the most eerie experiences of his career, Steve discovers the untouched human remains of fallen soldiers who have never left the battlefield. Revealing and engaging, Ghosts Of War is Steve Irwinís unique tribute to the lives of a generation lost in battle, and the historical events that changed our world forever

Genre: Documentary War History

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Quality: HD

Release: 2008

Rating: 8