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VeggieTales Lyle the Kindly Viking (1969)

VeggieTales Lyle the Kindly Viking: When Archibald Asparagus takes over VeggieTales, he does this episode in a classy way. The Silly Song with Larry involves takes place in the thirties, with Larry trying to protect his top hat from being squashed, and singing in Sinatra-like tunes. The episodes entire story is supposedly a lost Gilbert and Sullivan musical, which Archibald learns at the end was just a prank script. It involves a friendly young viking who continually leaves the ship with some money and returns with an empty bag. When two other vikings are sent to find out whats going on, they learn he is returning what they stole to the monks. But should they tell their superior, if itll get Lyle executed?

Duration: 30 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1969

Rating: 6