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Evil Behind You (2006)

Evil Behind You: Lisa Williams and Debra Reynolds were both enjoying evenings out when something went very wrong. Neither girl can recall what has happened as they awake locked in a dark observation room. Debras husband, Tony and Lisas boyfriend David are both handcuffed to operating tables and there is no explanation. No one will respond to their calls for help and there is no way out of the room. The abducted couples are unwilling victims of a scientific experiment. As the guys recover from the anesthesia, the girls attempt to comfort them. But something strange is happening to them. The men are fighting to maintain their minds. The reasons for their abductions are unknown and they must solve the mystery soon, because their confinement isnt the biggest problem. They are sensing something that is more than flesh and blood. Something else seems to be in the room with them. The longer they stay, the more real it appears to become. But is it real or an after effect of their surgery? Every minute that passes increases the danger. The eerie results create a sit on the edge of your seat experience.

Duration: 90 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

Rating: 4