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Frazetta Painting with Fire (2003)

Frazetta Painting with Fire: For the last half century, Frank Frazetta has dominated the art world with his images of fierce warriors, helpless princesses, and fantastical creatures set in the most lavish landscapes. His impact upon the worlds of Fantasy Art and Film has been unparalleled, and can be seen to this day in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Amazingly, he has managed to do this while having almost died due to an undiagnosed thyroid condition. Even more astonishing is his ability to survive 6 strokes, which has forced him to switch drawing hands from his right to his left. The film documents the life and work of this legendary fantasy artist while exploring the Universal theme of inspiration. Visual Effects are used in a very unique way to bring his paintings to life. And when you combine this technique with an outstanding original score, it makes for a very original documentary. Bo Derek, Ralph Bakshi, John Milius, Glenn Danzig, and Forrest Ackerman are just a few of the people who appear in this movie.

Duration: 93 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

Rating: 9