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Blue Murder (2000)

Blue Murder: Gemma Redgrave is Gale Francombe, a woman trapped in a loveless marriage to a powerful, but wealthy man, so she conspires with her lover Adam,(Gary Mavers) to plot the perfect murder. There is only one problem, Adam is a police officer and as he tries to talk Gale out of the ludicrous plan, he finds himself being drawn into her world of murder and betrayal. convinced that Ben is a bully and a cheat Adam plots and Gale plot the murder. to his relief Adams team are called to investigate the murder and along with his team. they do not appear to be on the right track until Adams brilliant colleague Vanessa (Emma Cunnife)makes a major breakthrough regarding Gales version of events. Just when he thinks that things are going well Adams work colleague makes a shocking discovery regarding Gale and with a potential new witness coming forward Gales number appears to be up. but, could she be possibly be involved in another murder?